[Flash Fiction Friday] Kim Fielding presents Away From It All

Hello Internet! Kim Fielding joins me for Flash Fiction Friday. In her piece we meed Brad and Tony, a couple that have settled into a dull routine and have decided take a little vacation. But in this world full of modern conveniences, hijinks ensue when two city boys go off the grid.

Away From It All

by Kim Fielding

“Hello? Hello? I think the phone just went dead…” In the glow of a dying flashlight, Brad pushed the buttons several times before sighing and setting the handset in the cradle.

Tony glared at him. The phone was ancient, a yellow plastic touchtone model that was the spitting image of the one his grandmother had when Tony was really little. But it probably wasn’t the phone itself that was at fault; the storm had likely knocked down the lines. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal except the power was out too, and he and Brad were stuck in a cabin in the one of the few remaining spots on the planet where you couldn’t get cell service.

“Your vacation plans suck ass,” Tony said. After an additional narrowing of his eyes, he stomped out of the tiny, dimly lit kitchen into the slightly larger but much darker living room. He intended to throw himself dramatically onto the couch with the moose-and-bear-print fabric, but the effect was ruined when he tripped over the obscured coffee table and fell onto the couch instead. He crossed his arms and scowled. He’d lobbied for a week in San Francisco. That’s what they usually did when they got some time off. They could have gone clubbing, done some shopping, and eaten their way through some amazing restaurants. But Brad had insisted on getting away from it all. Well, that had worked out just great. They were now away from pretty much any post-nineteenth-century technology.

And… fuck. Did the plumbing work if the power went out?

Tony was too angry to even ask. He listened as Brad rifled noisily through kitchen drawers and then blinked when Brad entered the room carrying a glowing candle on  plate. “I found some decent flashlights too,” Brad said. “But this is nicer, don’t you think?” He set the dish on the coffee table and sat close enough to Tony that their legs pressed together. Brad smelled good. Like one of those tree-shaped air fresheners, only with slightly tomatoey undertones because they’d had spaghetti for dinner.

“I am not good at roughing it,” said Tony. They’d been together for fifteen years. Brad should have known that.

“It’s just for tonight. They’ll probably have the power restored by morning. If not, we can get in the car and I’ll drive us to a hotel, okay? One with a spa.”

Brad was being so calm and conciliatory, and he smelled so nice, and his leg was warm against Tony’s. All of Tony’s anger and petulance drained away. “Okay. Sorry I’m acting like a spoiled brat.”

Brad scooched closer and nuzzled his ear. “You’re not. I get it. You’ve been stressed lately, and the last thing you needed was more hassles. We should have gone to the city. It’s just… I don’t know. I guess I wanted to try something new.”

Something new. They’d begun dating a decade and a half ago and moved in together not much later. They’d married as soon as it was legal. And they’d ended up settled in a comfortable, loving, familiar rut. Which was fine. They were happy. But maybe Brad was right. Maybe it was time to shake things up just a little.

On that thought, Tony pounced. He took Brad by surprise, knocking him sideways onto the couch and landing on top of him. Brad had exactly enough time for a surprised squeak before Tony captured his mouth in a passionate kiss.

You had to give Brad credit. He might not have expected this move, but he was on board quickly enough. Without breaking the kiss he pawed at Tony’s clothing and his own, clearly trying to maximize the skin-on-skin contact.

Tony thought briefly about dragging his husband upstairs to the sleeping loft, where a queen-sized bed awaited them—the sheets mercifully lacking either moose or bear insignia. But that sounded like too much effort, too much time not touching each other. And anyway, the flickering candlelight was romantic. Plus they always had sex in bed; tonight was the time for something new.

“I love you,” Tony whispered into the shell of Brad’s ear, making Brad shiver beneath him. “I really love you.”

“Good, because you’re stuck with me, mister.”

“I’d follow you anywhere. Even somewhere without electricity or phone.”

Brad squeezed Tony’s ass. “So you admit that the cabin wasn’t such a terrible idea?”

“I admit that… it could have been a lot worse,” Tony said with a sexy chuckle.

And that was when the falling tree crashed through the roof of the loft.

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