Wanna Name The Pawn Takes Rook Fandom?


Heroes! Name The Pawn Takes Rook Fandom! Live In Infamy!

Pawn Takes Rook: Checkmate Ever After is coming this December from DSP Publications. A paperback anthology collecting the first three Checkmate stories plus an all new fourth story, and a bonus short. On top of that, new material added to the first three books and a cover by phenomenal artist Anne Cain.

But… What do readers call it? What will we hashtag it on social media? How will readers find each other over reaction gifs? (Please let there be reaction gifs. They make me happy. I like being happy.)

So you, yes you can name the fandom! And what’s in it for you? A lovely $10 USD Dreamspinner Gift Certificate and go down in history that you named a fandom. 

How cool is that? Right?

The Rules:

1) Must be a unique hashtag or one that is not terribly common.

2) Must relate to the Checkmate series or characters.

3) Must not contain foul language.

4) Must be short. Fewer letters the better!

5) Must be your original idea. Feel free to collaborate with friends!

6) Submit as many as you’d like!


How about some suggestions!

#PTR (The first official hashtag.)

#AxisCitySupes (Plays on the theme!)

#MemphisBelles (Little long. Think Dixon’s Vixens, Loki’s Army, Loki’s Ladies.)

#Rooks (Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed cashed in on this one. Siiigh.)

#Rookies (Meh.)

#Rookery (Is a building in Chicago.)

Name The Fandom Contest Ends:

June 30th 2015!

Stay sharp hero! The night is young!


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