Tell Them What They’ve Won!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I have come to a really bizarre moment in my life that I thought would never happen.

I have a new car.

What happened? How did this happen? I’m equal parts excited and awkwardly mournful.

My previous car was a limited edition Saturn sedan from 1999. It’s still sitting in my driveway. It’s still driveable even now in 2015. Hell, I drove it two days ago before I was informed I have a new vehicle.

Let me tell you about my Saturn. We’ve been through a lot together. Ups and downs, road trips, really great times, and really bad times. The thing halfway served as inspiration for Corentin’s truck in Americana Fairy Tale for how trashed out it was. Yes. Lex Chase had a trashed out car. Starbucks cups, fast food wrappers, and assorted messes. Peeling paint, sagging roof liner, visors that had totally sun rotted, torn seats. You name it. Corentin’s truck is quite authentic in that respect.

Oh, and the automatic locks recently died. Like I actually left my car unlocked hoping someone would steal it. No one took me up on the unspoken offer.

This car has been in the shop so many times the car has been paid for three times over at the very least.

My mother informs me one night, she has upped and decided she is getting a new car. I have now inherited her previous car, a very well maintained and clean Saturn VUE SUV.

I went from driving a teeny clown car, to driving a bus.

There’s even Sirius XM Radio in this thing. What. What. I’ve been using my first gen iPod Nano and blown out speaker system for over a decade.

And automatic locks. And an AC that goes to sub-zero in three seconds. And automatic headlights. And seat warmers.

So many buttons and switches. Many buttons. Much wow. I’ve ridden in this car for years, I’ve driven it a couple times. But now I have to figure out what do all these blinky things dooooo?

My mother, the delightful NASCAR fan she is, adores Jeff Gordon. And for years there has been his racing number, a big, gigantic 24 on the back windshield. Yup. That’s gotta go.

What do I put there? Give me your bumper sticker suggestions! Cats. Cats are always good.

But That’s Not All!

We’ve got some winners all around today. First up, it’s been long overdue but I have named my HAHABT winner. They are now in possession of a shiny new DSP $10 USD gift certificate to spend on swanky books.

If they do not confirm their prize in 48 hours, another winner will be named! Sorry guys, those that have already entered on my HAHABT post here before the deadline is the pool I’m picking from.

But there’s another giveaway you can enter that is still live until Monday, June 15th! What is it? Where is it?

Every month, I’m doing a column on the Dreamspinner Press Blog, and last month was about Once Upon A Dream. Featuring the message of even if we shoot for the stars, we find ourselves where we were meant to be. Also I debut the first Lex Chase Universe cosplay with Mae Wynn Talley as Americana Fairy Tale’s Taylor Hatfield. Check it out! Leave a comment and share!

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