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20150310_201813Once Upon A Time…

I could give a crap about princesses.

And then I wrote a series about them.

And then my life was a non-stop vomit of glitter.

And it’s awesome.

I’ve repeated the story a number of times about how Americana Fairy Tale and Fairy Tales of the Open Road came to be. I love the crap out of fractured fairy tales. Into the Woods was my crack as a kid. Take a bunch of fairy tale characters, shove them in a room and see who would be left alive in the end.

Americana Fairy Tale was actually the first truly “happy book” I had ever written at the time. I had actually written a version of Chasing Sunrise before I wrote Americana. It was light-hearted. It was fun! And it required a lot of just go with it.

I’ve learned in my time with DSP, my readers have learned to trust me and let themselves just go with it. I still have a few newer readers that try to logic it all out, and that’s where the trouble starts. Some things have a perfectly logical explanation and some things are just PFM, Pretty Fucking Magic.

You know how much Pretty Fucking Magic is in Harry Potter? The mind boggles.

As Elsa says, just let it go.

And much to my surprise, Americana Fairy Tale is the little book that could. I expected this book to be an absolute failure. Not just fail but make a trip straight to the garbage bin upon printing. I didn’t expect people to buy in to the story of Dude Princesses and Dirty Huntsmen and Pretty Fucking Magic. But readers got smacked by Fairy Tale Fever. And in return they smacked me with it. Dude Princesses are pretty damned cool. Am I right?

Kim Fielding, Charlie Cochet, and I did a series of blog posts called Disney Dreamer a couple of months ago. We recapped our trip to Disney World in March and talked about various things we loved. You can check out my post here, Kim’s here, and Charlie’s here! I took a crapton of pictures. A crapton.

Lex indulging in the Disney Magic. Oooh Ahh~
Lex indulging in the Disney Magic. Oooh Ahh~

And holy crap. So many princesses. Much glitter. Wow. That little five-year old me that wanted to grow up to be a werewolf took a backseat her five-year old twin that was totally buying into the Disney Magic.

Now there cannot be enough glitter in my life. I need all the glitter! I actually can’t decide which is better. Meeting Disney Princesses as a child without the wherewithal to appreciate the experience. Or as an adult and just having that moment that you’re having the “Pink or Blue” conversation with Princess Aurora.  Seriously. Kind of made my trip. (She said purple would be best. OMG. *little girl squeal!*)

I gave up trying to smile because I looked too terrified. So instead I went with quirky. Because we all know how quirky I am. Big shock!

Lex and Princess Aurora.
Lex and Princess Aurora

For those that don’t know the story. Yes. That’s a pink princess kitty from Build-A-Bear with an Aurora dress.

His name is Taylor. Oh yes, FTotOR fans. He exists.

But it didn’t stop there!

Lex and Snow White
Lex and Snow White
Lex and Cinderella
Lex and Cinderella
Lex and Ariel
Lex and Ariel
Lex and Belle
Lex and Belle

And then my personal cherished memento that you’ll have to pry out of my cold dead hands, or perhaps auction off for a billion dollars as part of my estate when I die… (Could happen!)

Americana Fairy Tale signed by the Disney Princesses
Americana Fairy Tale signed by the Disney Princesses

Now that is glorious. I look at it and smile all the time.

But! Something special for you FTotOR readers that would definitely appreciate the reference. Look who I found hidden by Star Tours!

Lex and Atticus "At-At" Hatfield
Lex and Atticus “At-At” Hatfield

C’mon y’all. You make a thing out of honeybuns and remember Taylor’s flip-flops were pink. You can definitely get this one! May the Force and all the glitter be with you!

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