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Hello Internet! Please give a warm welcome to a newcomer here on my blog, Christopher Hawthorne Moss! Chris, or Kit as we know him, has been through a lot in the last year and around this time last year, we nearly lost him.

Today, Kit is joined by Mr. Hata, his feline companion as Mr. Hata tells the story of his epic adventures through his nine lives.

Duckie: The Hero of Historical Novels Galore

As told by “Mr. Hata” to Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Mr. Hata joins us today.
Mr. Hata joins us today.

Oh hello.  You’re here.  Got any of those Friskies Party Mix treats?  No?  Well, I can give you some of my time.  Maybe next time if you bring treats I can give you more.

Books?  Oh our house is full of them.  Many of them have some fascinating smells.  I think someone else used to own them.  In fact, I have heard some of the bookstores even have their own cats.  Oh, you mean the books I am in?  Why yes, actually I and my brother, or so they claim he is, whose name is MacDhui the Duck.   It’s kind of a long story.  My name is Mr. Hata, but the two of us got combined to create a sort of matched soul, named Duckie or in some cases the name “Duckie” in another language.  It’s all very exciting.

My human writes historical novels, but I have been in one contemporary novel written for teens and young adults.  It just got sent to the publisher, so it will be a few weeks before the publisher makes up their mind about it, but I think my human is an amazing writer and almost certain to have it selected.  Actually his last book got turned down, but he just self-published it… but I am getting quite far ahead of myself.  Let’s start earlier, in the eighth century to be exact.

It’s kind  of strange but almost all the books I am character in are about war.  I heard my human tell my other human it just turned out that way.  I started out in a book called AN INVOLUNTARY KING about some Anglo Saxons, all made up you understand, that he made up with a friend a long, long time ago.  They started writing down these stories, and my human, Kit, decided to get all historical and chose a fictitious kingdom in England, Crislicland, and the eighth century as a pretty safe time for it to take place.  You can see all the stories from the 1960s all the way up to now that went into this story at http://aninvoluntaryking.blogspot.com.  They are kind of fun.  There is even one really old story there about a Siamese cat!  I show up at the end of the book, though.  It’s a long one, so you have to wait and wait.  I am the atheling’s cat… that’s sort of like a prince… and the King picks me up and hugs me in the book because he is sad and lonely for his family.  I know what that’s like because my human had to be in the hospital for an entire month last year.  The King says my name is Duckie, but he doesn’t explain why.  The reason is that the cat is orange, like me, but named after a duck, like MacDhui sort of is.

The next book my human wrote he decided to put me in too.  It’s called WHERE MY LOVE LIES DREAMING and is about this charming Creole gambler and his boyfriend who works for the government.  There is a very exiting scene where the men save the lives of all the people on a sinking riverboat, and they recue me too.  Frankie, who is the gambler, names me Duckie.  Frankie says it’s because he likes ducks.    Frankie is like that, kind of funny and sweet.  Later in the book he is miserably unhappy because his boyfriend left him and he had to join the Confederate army and because someone burned up his boat.  He is kneeling on the levee crying when he feels a furry head pressed into his palm.  Guess who that was!  You’re right, it was me!  I wanted him to feel better.

AngelEyes_400x600-webIn the second book I must have been on like my fifth life or something, because it is one thousand years later, from the late 700s to 1860s!  I actually go back a good deal to be in one of my human’s other books which happens during one of the first crusades.  In that story my human is a woman who is really down deep a man and decides to be a knight.  He meets this nice lady in Constantinople and they fall in love.  But here comes the best part!  This lady has a little boy named Tacetin and he has a kitten he calls Papaki.  Get it?  That’s “little duck” in Greek, which is what they spoke in Constantinople.  That’s sort of like my being called Patito in ANGEL EYES which  just came out. In that book my human is a man who dresses like a woman and works for a place where men come to be petted and treated real nice mostly by ladies.  But the man in this book likes other men more, so when he comes to be petted by my character’s human he sees me.  Patito is Spanish for little duck and the story takes place in Mexico a little before the story with Frankie.  It’s in 1847.  It is exciting too, but I am glad to say that Patito isn’t in any war scenes.  He just hangs out all the time in the bordello, which some people call a “cat house”.  Maybe that’s because this one had a cat, namely  me.

My human says he will always have a kitty named something like Duck in all his books.  I told you I am also in his one contemporary novel too, which right now is called A FINE BROMANCE.  It’s about two high school boys who fall in love with each other, but the part of the story I am in is about one boy’s great aunt Ivy who likes to collect all sorts of memorabilia.  Someone keeps misplacing some of it.  I was relieved when Ivy never thought it was me stealing any of it.  I mean, why would I?  I might play with it, but all she would have to do is look under the couch or the rug or something.  Or in my bowl.  I sometimes put the cool things I find there, like bugs and mice and things that have stopped moving.

MacDhui can be kind of a dick.  He asked me why our human puts orange cats named Duck in his novels.  I mean, isn’t it obvious?!  He loves us and wants us always to be with him.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, whatever that is, to figure this out.

I don’t know if I will be in any novels that are even older than the one with the King, or in any novels where people go into space.  I think someday I will be in one where I get to go live in the White House and hunt Presidential rats.  That will be very fun.

Make sure you read all my human’s books so you can see if you can find me.  There is another kind of mystery in most of those books too, a woman named Juliana or  Giuliana or Julienne or even a man named Julio.  I asked my human why he does that.  He just shrugged and said, “Hell if I know.”


Author Bio

Christopher Hawthorne Moss wrote his first short story when he was seven and has spent some of the happiest hours of his life fully involved with his colorful, passionate and often humorous characters.  Moss spent some time away from fiction writing content for web sites before his first book came out under the name Nan Hawthorne in 1991.  He has since become a novelist and is a prolific and popular blogger, an editor for Wilde Oats and the GLBT Bookshelf where you can find his short stories and thoughtful and expert book reviews.  He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his partner of over 30 years and four doted upon cats.  He owns Shield-wall Productions at http://www.shield-wall.com .  He welcomes comment from readers sent to christopherhmoss@gmail.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

Characters in Le Beau Soleil will appear in FRANKIE AND JOHNNY which will be released by Dreamspinner Press in late summer 2013.

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