Checkmate: Spinning On Its Axis


ETA: Due to a multi-million dollar lawsuit, Grooveshark has shut down two days after this post. Well. Talk about timing and a major bummer. ūüėź

Did you know April 28th was National Superhero Day?

And over at Krispy Kreme Donuts you could have gotten a free dozen of tasty sugary, buttery, calorie bombs. (But they taste oh so tasty don’t they?) Now you regret missing it don’t you? This Weight Watchers girl does especially on my morning weigh-in today!

I might know a thing or two about superheroes when on March 13, 2013,¬†the world met my boys Rook and Garth of the Checkmate series. Quirky and proved it’s not “Less is More” it’s “More is More.” From the dizzying highs, the terrifying lows, and the creamy middle, Rook and Garth kept the mean streets of Axis City safe while fumbling their way through a thing called a relationship. And this December you get to see them again¬†from DSP Publications¬†with Checkmate Ever After, the paperback anthology collecting books 1 through 3 and the addition of a brand new adventure!

But what’s saving the day without a kicking soundtrack? Go and kick some ass today with the Checkmate instrumental score, Spinning on its Axis: The Sounds of Axis City. All for your streaming pleasure as you get through that long day at the office, or be a super parent to your young sidekicks.

We all know your other ride in the Batmobile.

The Sounds of Axis City Cover
Spinning on its Axis: The Sounds of Axis City by Lex Chase on Grooveshark

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