[Monday Spark] “Between the Stacks” a Darkmore Saga Short


Hello Internet! Welcome to the inaugural Monday Spark! As you know, I’ve had other authors participate in Flash Fiction Friday, but why let them have all the fun? Every Monday I’ve decided I’ll pick my own prompts and run with it. What can you expect? Often strange, sometimes sweet, other times challenging, and explosions sprinkled in. Because you know me, it isn’t a party until something explodes into a magnificent fireball.

Please enjoy today’s Monday Spark featuring Jack and Sevon of the Darkmore Saga.

Between the Stacks

by Lex Chase

Genre: Horror

Prompt: While flipping through a fashion magazine, a man finds himself on a list of fashion victims.


Jack had humored Sevon by taking him into the human bookstore. Sevon wandered the aisles, his eyes wide in wonder of the books conceived by the human mind. In Darkmore, they were nothing more than livestock, a source for food, but Sevon sensed something more about them. The humans could reason, were capable of complex thoughts and emotions, and outstanding creativity as evidenced by the shelves overstuffed with colorful volumes.

Sevon timidly reached out to run his fingers over the spines of cookbooks. He jerked away as if he had been caught being inappropriate. He smiled weakly at Jack, waiting on his approval.

“They don’t bite.” Jack laughed. “If Bianca reads them, I’m sure it’s safe.”

Jack had a point about that. Bianca’s fixation on reading anything printed on paper written by anyone, human, aisa, or shifter, didn’t matter. From religious texts, fine literature, to dimestore pulps, and trashy romances with too much fuchsia on the cover, Bianca was unrepentant about her love for the written word.

“We should get something for her while we’re here,” Sevon said, tucking a long blonde curl behind his ear. The curl flopped forward across his eyes, and he grunted.

Jack thumbed his chin as he watched the customers come and go. Some gathered at the café and typed away on strange glowing books that Cassandra had told him were called laptops. Such an odd nonsense word. Sevon and he liked enchanted book better.

“Cassandra and Xo said I need to try something called a Frappuccino.” He pointed at the café. “I think they’re over there.”

Sevon blinked as he untied his hair ribbon, and then retied his hair into a fluffy tail. He stood on his tiptoes to get a better view over Jack’s shoulder. “Is that it?” He nodded toward the menu board and the tall frothy glass of a brown slush with some kind of cream on top. “It doesn’t look very appetizing.”

Jack shrugged. “Cassandra said it was awesome.”

Sevon smirked. “Cassandra says a lot of things are awesome. I think she needs to have further education on the meaning.” He tugged on his arm. “Come on. Let’s pick something out and then you can try that… Frappah-chee-no thing?” The word was foreign on his tongue. Humans had such a complicated language that was always changing.

“What about that pink book over there?” Jack pointed at the magazine shelf.

The neon pink Cosmopolitan magazine stood out on a shelf like a hair in Sevon’s marrow soup. The gold foil letters against the gaudy cover contrasted in such a way, the light values played tricks on Sevon’s vision.

“It’s a bit…much.” Sevon tried to be polite.

Jack picked up the Cosmo and casually flipped through the glossy pages. “Bianca reads anything, right?” He slipped his fingers through two pages that had stuck together. His eyes widened, and then narrowed, his feline pupils contracting into slivers. “Sevon.”

The warning weighed heavy on his name.

“Is it too much?” Sevon asked. “It is…very pink….”

Jack’s expression darkened. He held out the open page.

Splattered with sticky, still drying blood, Sevon’s photograph had been pasted onto the paper under the heading Fashion Victims. His eyes had been scribbled out with a black marker, and his mouth had been scribbled over with a blob of red ink.

Sevon’s skin flushed with a cold, anxious sweat. His stomach churned and the bile of panic rose in his throat. He reached out, his fingers trembling as he took the magazine.

Under the defaced picture, a declaration had been scrawled:



Copyright © Lex Chase 2015. All rights reserved.

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