Lex Joins DSP Publications! What!


Let’s Dance!

Now that the dust has cleared, I’m pleased to announce I’ve been accepted into the Dreamspinner Press imprint DSP Publications! And I’ve been dancing about it for the last three days and annoying the crap out of my mother.

What does this mean? Well, quite a few things!

What is DSP Publications?

DSP Publications, or DSPP, is a mainstream imprint featuring characters that happen to be LGBTQ+ and romance is non-traditional, or not the focus, or not in the titles at all. And if anyone knows me I’m less about romance and more about EXPLOSIONS! (Caps Lock makes it awesome.) While my stories feature epic love, saving the day is far more important. My guys do find love, but they also realize relationships are not all unicorns and rainbows. When the honeymoon period is over and it turns into day to day life, shit gets real, real fast.

Plus stuff starts exploding and people start dying.

Not exactly what a typical romance reader signs up for. So this is a really good thing.

OMG Lex! What do you have coming out with DSPP?

Both the Darkmore Saga and Checkmate are being re-released under the DSPP line with a few not so small tweaks.

Checkmate, my superhero dramadey of Rook and Garth and all their misadventures in saving the day started out as a novella series. Well, the series ended on New Year’s Day 2013. The novellas are going to be bound into a print anthology, and not only that have a fourth all new Checkmate story added to the print edition. Oh yeah. You can expect the awesome in December 2015!

And the Darkmore Saga is probably facing the biggest changes. Chasing Sunrise will be hitting the shelves once again under the DSPP banner in 2016. Glass Moon? The sequel everyone has been waiting on that was scheduled in March 2015? Has been rescheduled until 2016. And readers won’t be seeing the final book Star Fall until 2017.

But Lex! What about Fairy Tales of the Open Road? Taylor! Corentin! Atticus!

Well hold onto your butts, life is about to get awesome. Fairy Tales of the Open Road is remaining with DSP, and probably will from here on out. Not only that, both the second book, Bayou Fairy Tale, and the final book Urban Fairy Tale will be hitting shelves in 2015. You will get to see the end of Taylor and Corentin’s journey, and perhaps the start of something new. Did someone say Atticus? Mwahahahahaaa.

What else do I need to know? Beside how awesome you are!

Aw, pssh. I want to thank my readers, each and every one of them who have been with me from day one. You guys make it all worth it. I may not be OMG Famous, but I’m honored my books have meant something to total strangers that have become fans and friends.

Stick with me, the wait will be long and complete torture (believe me! AUGH!) But it’ll be so worth it! Wait till you see what I got coming down the pipeline. Dystopian? And then Cyberpunk? Oh yeeeeessss.

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