Jaime Samms Shares Her Hidden Gems

Hi, Lex’s readers. It was wonderful of Lex to offer her place for me to flog a few backlist titles. I thought I might pick my favorite story from each publisher today and talk a bit about them.

Let’s start with the first publisher who took a chance on me, Freya’s Bower. One of their editors challenged me to write a “sweet romance” between guys. She thought maybe such an animal didn’t exist. I wrote it, and they liked it enough to publish it. That was The Runaway about a couple of cowboys reunited after the death of one of their fathers. It’s a little bitter, a little angry, but ultimately, the reignition of a sweet, young lover’s flame.

Next is Jupiter Gardens. I wrote a host of shorter works for them, and since it’s almost December I thought I’d point out the Christmas title, Goodbye Scrooge. This is about a college guy, almost ready to graduate, trying to decide what to do about a questionable relationship he’s had with one of his professors. He knows he’s walking a thin line with the older man, but he’s not sure he really wants to call it quits, either. He goes out on a limb to convince his older lover that there are good things about being in love, and they both deserve to share in those things, with each other, or with other people.

While we’re on holiday-themed books, there’s also Valentine at MLR, about the first foray into a relationship between the bar staff in a small, divy drinking hole. On the most romantic day of the year, it’s only fitting that love should find a grin, even for the most unconventional of couples.

Totally Bound is the home of my RaiRainbowley series, but also, I have cowboys there, too. Three of them. In sing for your Supper, Taylor is on the run from his past, and lite’s on Jim’s farm, directed there by Jim’s ‘friend’, Matt. The three men have a few things to work out, though, not the least of which is who’s on top. (This book is available in Audio, too, if you’re so inclined.)

And then, there is Dreamspinner Press. Besides the numerous novels they have released for me, are a few tiny little shorts, one called New Linnen about a pair of lovers trying to set some boundaries, and Paying the Piper about a pair of lovers for whom love has come and gone in a bittersweet pass.

So there you have it. A few titles of mine that are less well known. Maybe among them, people will find a couple of new couples to love.

~ Jaime
Jaime has been writing for various publishers since the fall of 2008, although she’s been writing for herself far longer. Often asked why men; what’s so fascinating about writing stories about men falling in love, she’s never come up with a clear answer. Just that these are the stories that she loves to read, so it seemed to make sense if she was going to write, they would also be the stories she wrote.
These days, you can find plenty of free reading on her website. She also writes for Freya’s Bower, Jupiter Gardens, and Total E-Bound.
Spare time, when it can be found rolled into a ball at the back of the dryer or cavorting with the dust bunnies in the corners, she’s probably spending crocheting, drawing, gardening (weather permitting, of course, since she is Canadian!) or watching movies. She has a day job, as well, which she loves, and two kids, but thankfully, also a wonderful husband who shoulders more than his fair share of household and child care responsibilities.
She graduated some time ago from college with a Fine Arts diploma, and a major in textile arts, which basically qualifies her to draw pictures and create things with string and fabric. One always needs an official slip of paper to fall back on after all….
Amazon Author page: amazon.com/author/jaimesamms

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  1. jaimesamms says:

    Thanks for giving me the space to talk about my books, Lex. an’t wait to drop back next week with a free short story 🙂

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