How GRL 2014 Sent Me To The Hospital

grl-2014-logoIt’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar!

This was my second year at GRL and it was a fucking blast! Last year was good. Enough to make me want to come back. But this year was amazing. It is game on for 2015 in San Diego!

Air hugs and elbows!

There had been a long discussion on the GRL FB page of no hugging without permission. Also I mentioned here and there I’m a bit germaphobic anyhow. Catching H1N1 once will do that to you. I got ribbed a little bit about being ‘no touchy.’ I just didn’t want the crud. I had a long flight home, and flying with the flu is not fun. Also a nice way to start a pandemic for fun and profit.

I got the call in the limo on the way to the resort that my breast reduction surgery had been moved up to October 30th. I was fresh off the plane and on my way to meet 400 of my closest friends. I explained the crud was likely. The nurse said, chug every bit of vitamin C and don’t touch anything.

(Did I mention I was getting breast reduction surgery? Surprise!)

It was a little awkward at first with people wanting to be huggy and once I explained everyone was on board. I was deemed the Germ Free Zone. And Will Prater was my Germ Bodyguard. But Charlie Cochet was a champ and took all the hugs for me.

In the turn, I escaped Crud Free but everyone else got sick with the GRL 2014 Flu.

Do you see the sympathy on my face? Didn’t think so. Air hugs and elbows are the way to go.

The Dizzying Highs! The Terrifying Lows! The Creamy Middle!

Courtesy of Madison Parker Photography
Courtesy of Madison Parker Photography

Wednesday saw a little excitement at the Blogger Workshop where I was sitting there with my hand raised to ask a question, and my email goes off. And it’s that email that Glass Moon, the second book in The Darkmore Saga had been picked up. Charlie Cochet sat next to me as I choked up and started shaking. I quickly got my shit together and life was grand. I even won a tote bag from Prism Book Alliance!

Funny enough not even five minutes before the panel I had finally met Reese Dante in the flesh. We were chatting about Glass Moon’s cover ideas and I mentioned ‘I should hear back soon I hope!’ Went into the panel, walked out and found her again with a big ‘About that!‘ LOL

Thursday was my big event of reading from Americana Fairy Tale. I was with Jacob Flores and Clare London, and as I kept telling everyone: No pressure.

I went first, and once I was in the moment, I had an absolute blast! Of course I read about Corentin and Taylor fist fighting and ever-so-close to their first kiss when Jacob and Clare read about sexy first meetings and sexual tension. Well, I am getting known for being a little bit out of the box. By out of the box I mean on another planet.

Madison Parker of Madison Parker Photography got some amazing shots of me reading.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friday was my Author Lounge where I met fans and made some new friends. I’m still wrapping my brain around how people told me how much they loved Americana Fairy Tale and Chasing Sunrise. I get so excited and flaily instead of the cool, composed author. I fail at being cool and composed, so I thought I’d own up to my flailing.

And Saturday was the signing and omg. I had a line. Like a real line! My very first line to call my own. I took my time with everyone, chatted them up, signed books. And as the conversation was going on around me I would mutter ‘I can so spell.’ as I was writing in people’s books. But I had a great time! My table buddy Jambrea Gaff had read Americana Fairy Tale, and I’d thawp her on occasion and tell her to sell the book for me. Jambrea was a trooper about it.

I’m Lex! And I Dance, Dance, Dan–Owfuck!

The Saturday night Time Travel Party was an absolute blast!

Let's Do The Time Warp Again! Noooo~
Let’s Do The Time Warp Again! Noooo~

So there everyone was, dancing along to the Time Warp from Rocky Horror, and there’s that one move where your turn in your knees and thrust your pelvis. Whelp. I did that and heard a pop! in my left knee.

And like a moron I kept dancing on it. I was having so much fun, I was sure I was fine! Well. Um. D:

Due to my upcoming surgery I couldn’t take any aspirin-based pain killers. No ibuprofen, no Advil, nothing. I thought I was okay. That was my bad knee anyway. It had always been somewhat doofy. Just the usual knee pain.

My knee had swollen up to the size of an overripe casaba. I had to use a wheelchair to get through O’Hare to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Pensacola, and then in Pensacola straight to baggage claim and then to my car. You can imagine how comfortable it was flying with it. As in not.

Well, Wednesday rolled around, and it still hadn’t stopped hurting. It didn’t hurt but it was pretty uncomfortable. A trip to Orthopedics says it’s quite possible I tore a ligament. I haven’t had an MRI yet, but of course, that’ll probably happen after I have four pounds of flesh flayed off my chest. The only diagnosis I have right now is ice, and stay off it as much as possible.

Thanking All The People!

Now for my list of thank yous!

Thank you to Charlie Cochet and Kim Fielding! for being my awesome partners in crime for the weekend. Charlie owes Kim and me handler fees for keeping her on task. LOL Next year for the Halloween party I’m going as Charlie’s flower. Mark my words.

Thank you to Nina and the ladies of Gay Listed Book Reviews! Nina claims to be a total introvert, but you should see her bust a move and scream the lyrics to Love Shack. Also for being my lulzy chaperone For Reasons.

Thank you to Crissy Morris of Joyfully Jay! For her Southern sass, and pleading her case for Atticus Hatfield of Americana Fairy Tale. Nina and she will have to duke it out for the fairy tale boys.

Thank you to Jason Mitchell of Joyfully Jay! My #TeamShorts nemesis, but all around amazing guy! Both of us are like hyper snarky puppies together. Mwahahahaha.

Thank you to PizzyGirl of Prism Book Alliance! For being the first fan I met when I walked in the door. I promise I’m just a big dweeb.

Thank you to Jambrea Gaff for being my table buddy and putting up with my shenanigans! And being my awesome pitchman.

Thank you to Randi and Q for good times and connecting once again! Omg that pizza!

Thanks to Will Prater of Writer’s Online Network for being the most ridiculously awesome human being that cannot possibly be human. He is a BEAST at Karaoke.

Saving the best for last, thanks to my Mom, who agreed to come with me to her very first GRL even if she hadn’t read any of the genre before. Not only did she leave with an armful of books, she’s chomping at the bit to go next year!

See You In San Diego!

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