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Hello, Internet! I’ve been tagged by the amazeballs Charlie Cochet for the Fabulous Five Blog Hop. She’s been a huge inspiration to me by working like a fiend on her THIRDS series for Dreamspinner Press. You should seriously look into it. Like for realsies.

1. What am I working on?

I’m currently finishing up the sequel to Chasing Sunrise, called Glass Moon. It’s book 2 of the Darkmore Saga. Sevon and Jack face new perils as they face an ancient foe. The also face more developments as a couple, and who they are and where they stand with each other. For Sevon it’s about trusting and relinquishing his control. For Jack it’s about learning he is indeed strong enough to care for those he loves.

After that, it’s full speed ahead on Bayou Fairy Tale, the followup to Americana Fairy Tale. Taylor, Corentin, and Ringo face more mayhem, chaos, and hijinks down on the bayou of Corentin’s old stomping grounds of New Orleans. There’s more magic, and wickedness to be found on the Muddy Mississip and more secrets of Corentin’s origins come to light. Keep your scorecards handy of the disturbing things Corentin says! We could tick them off like bingo numbers!

We’ll both see Glass Moon and Bayou Fairy Tale in 2015.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

It’s been a running gag between my writer buddies, but I like to make stuff explode. At the core of my stories, they’re all action adventure despite the setting. I love writing stories of epic sweeping battles, cinematic adventure, and that the choices we make have irrevocable consequences.

Ironically, I used to detest writing all out fight scenes. Because they are hard as balls. Now they’re my favorite part. I call them my ‘Candy Bar Scenes.’ The only problems I have with doing them is amping myself up to do justice to getting my ideas down.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Instead of growing up reading classic literature as most writers do, I read comic books. In turn, it inspired me to be a comic artist. It took decades that I just liked telling stories instead. I played tabletop role playing games like D&D (which had too much math for my math disabled brain), RIFTS (which you needed a fucking slide rule for that much math), Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Vampire: The Masquerade, and my personal all time favorite Cyberpunk 2020.

I love creating characters in these worlds, also logically trying to figure out how to make beings that wouldn’t fit in the setting to fit in the setting. Like immortals or vampires in Cyperpunk in particular. Let’s just say it involved a lot of cyberware.

A lot of the campaigns I had played in with friends ended up becoming the basis of my stories. The way the vampire-like aisa are set up in Chasing Sunrise came from gaming. Jack’s homeland of Javel is a direct reference to campaign me and my friends came up with. As well as many of the physics of the shifters.

4. How does my writing process work?

I am a huge advocate of you can write anytime, anywhere, on anything.

I get highly annoyed at people that maintain they can only write at their laptops, and then proceed to play World of Warcraft for ten hours, get nothing done, and complain how they’re so behind on the book. That’s bullshit.

The rule to my method is my tools have to be lightweight, small, and portable. Also less need for electricity the better. None is optimal.

I carry a Moleskine journal in my bag along with a handful of pens, earbuds, my iPod, as well as my phone, wallet, car keys and water bottle. I take it everywhere. I write scenes in doctors offices, waiting in restaurants, sitting in bookstores, hanging out in my Mom’s hair salon (even times when I’m under the dryer!), waiting while my family runs errands, and on and on.

Not only that, I use my Moleskine at home. Writing during commercial breaks on TV, or in the kitchen while something is baking in the oven. The possibilities are endless.

On top of that. I make progress, a lot of progress.

5. Who’s next on the blog hop?

Since everyone as pretty much beat me to it, I’m tagging Lily Velden, and Skye Allen!


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