Chasing Sunrise is #1 in Urban Fantasy!

ChasingSunrise_FBbanner_DSPWhat! What! What is this!

Over on Dreamspinner Press…

Chasing Sunrise: Book 1 of the Darkmore Saga is…

#1 in Urban Fantasy!

#1 in Vampires!

#6 in Shifters/Werewolves!

What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation sent by carrier pigeon?

Pick it up HERE in both eBook and Paperback for 25% off this month at Dreamspinner Press!

Or if you think sales are icky (omg what?) you can get it HERE at Amazon in both eBook and a book you can hold in your hands and huff the pages!

Or if you love your Nook (holla!) get it over at Barnes & Noble HERE! And yes! You can get the paperback too to mop up your tears when you sob inconsolably….

Wait… did I say that out loud?



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