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Jack_FB_Chat_PromoJoin me on August 2nd for a Meet the Author Chat!

Hey gang! I’ll be over at the official Dreamspinner Press Facebook Page from Noon to 3pm EDT chatting up Chasing Sunrise!

I’ll be answering your questions about The Most Controversial Book Ever! I figure with all the hullabaloo about Chasing Sunrise, I’m going to take that nickname and run with it.

There will be behind the scenes surprises, saucy excerpts, goodies, and giveaways galore! See you there!

Follow The Offical Darkmore Saga Tumblr!

If you checked out when Charlie Cochet and I took over the Dreamspinner Press Twitter account last Tuesday, I had unveiled the Official Darkmore Saga Tumblr!

On the over on the Darkmore Saga Tumblr you’ll find pics of pretty lads, awesome shifters, gruesome vampires, punk ladies, and a few naughty things as well. In the future, I’ll be doing some Tumblr specific events so if you have a Tumblr account, hop on over!

The Most Controversial Blog Tour Continues!

We’re coming to the end of the Chasing Sunrise tour but here’s what you missed!

Over on Shira Anthony’s Blog I discussed my health and the weather. What? No! I mean the weather! I covered writing natural disasters in fiction, and how awesome writing about weather can truly be, when you do it right! Check out the excerpt from Chasing Sunrise’s prologue were we meet just such a “character” Hurricane Gert!

And then I hopped on over to It’s About the Book to discuss the most diesel ladies of Chasing Sunrise, Bianca and Chaney. With them, I covered a bit of the world building of aisa culture with the concept of a Chrono and an awakened. Essentially, the Darkmore Saga’s equivalent of a Maker and progeny, and what it means should they have a romantic relationship.

And last night I was over on Deanna Wadsworth’s Cyber Bar for Cocktails and Cock Tales, as she interviewed me about Chasing Sunrise over a round of imaginary hurricanes. Watch me pretend to get drunk off my ass and turn into a complete philosophical drunk. Also there’s dancing lemurs!

Where to Next?

Check out the Conclusion of the Chasing Sunrise Blog Tour!

8/2 – Chat at the Dreamspinner Press Facebook Page

8/8 – Charlie Cochet – The Catharsis of Lovers Shirts

8/13 – Gay List Book Reviews – The Necessity of Brutality

8/16 – Tali Spencer – The Shape of Things to Come: Glass Moon

Don’t Miss A Moment!

Sevon’s Waiting For You… And He’s Been Naughty…

Danila Kovalev as Sevon
Oh. Yeah. BY THE WAY. That’s a guy.

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