Chasing Sunrise Countdown!

Chasing Sunrise400x600We’re coming down to the last few hours that Chasing Sunrise is officially released! And man o’ man a lot has happened leading into the release, and I have a lot coming up after.

But first thing’s first. I have a giveaway winner to announce!

HAHAT Giveaway Winner Is…

A. Morell!

Congrats! I bet you forgot about entering didn’t you? That was at the charming time my domain exploded.

You have won a personally signed paperback of Chasing Sunrise and a some awesome swag treats! Enjoy!

Chasing Sunrise Explodes

I’ve teamed up with Enchantress of Books Blog Tours for a Release Day Blitz. Chasing Sunrise will be everywhere, on everything, infecting social media and luring you into the darkness of vampires and shifters.

There will be a Rafflecopter giveaway going on too!

The Most Controversial Blog Tour Ever™

The Chasing Sunrise Blog Tour earned itself a delightful nickname. Mostly on behalf of myself, and a few others that have marveled at the unfolding insanity.

Because the book is not your typical fluffy vampire/shifter romp, I’ve practiced complete transparency in the tour. I want readers to know exactly what they’re getting into.

No, Sweetie, That’s Not A Woman

It all started when potential buyers were convinced the model on the cover was a woman. One such reader accused Dreamspinner Press directly of pulling a bait and switch. And the questions kept on rolling, both from my local friends, and from private messages on Facebook.

It never ended. It was for 24/7 I was asked at least six or more times a day if the model was a woman. While I held my “chin up and smile on,” that question got to be super grating super fast.

I had elaborated about the cover on Chris T. Kat’s blog over here! The model is inspired by Danila Kovelev, a highly androgynous male model that models in both men’s and women’s clothing. The character in question is Sevon, and I had gone on to further explain at Grace Duncan’s blog today that Sevon only wears women’s clothing.

The ultimate two examples of Danila’s femininity you can see right here:

Danila Kovelev
Yeah. That’s a guy.
Danila Kovelev
Yes. Seriously. That’s a guy.

 Wait. What Do You Mean The Vampires Don’t Sparkle?

And then came the fun over on Jaime Samms’ blog where I introduced the my take on the vampire mythos with the aisa. Let’s not pussyfoot around it. These guys eat people. They do not fucking sparkle period end of discussion period. And Sevon, our hero, is one of these creatures. One of the excerpts I included featured a gory scene where the villain Dominic takes Sevon to illegally hunt humans in a human city. That went well.

I also started the joke hashtag of #BTWROMANCENOVEL I am all for this being a thing.

30 Days of Night Teeth

But The Shifters Are Pretty Cool!

Over yonder at Aidee Ladniers’ place, I introduced everyone to the shifters. They’re an omnisexual race that have a pretty healthy attitude about sex and love. Save a horse, ride a shifter. I explained they have a society based around Ancient Rome complete with a Roman Legion-type army made of werewolves. Because that’s totally cool, right?

Also I dropped in hints to other shifters like werejellyfish. Pretty neato!HBO's Rome

And Then Crazy Promo Times!

Over on Michael Rupured’s blog I talked about the mass insanity of when Chasing Sunrise went viral for a couple of days. I was pretty stunned, but taking it all in. I still don’t know what to make of it.

An unending list of blogs, and still rolling, asked me to say a few words about the book and what it means to me. Lane Hayes submitted my statement to the Jan Foundation an international organization against domestic violence.

The absolutely craziest was I was on the Write on the Edge podcast with host Vicktor Alexander! If you want to check out the podcast you can do so right here under my Appearances Tab.

The Most Controversial Blog Tour Ever™ Carries On

Keep following me on this dangerous journey with the Chasing Sunrise Blog Tour where coming up I have a Dreamspinner Press Facebook Chat and Charlie Cochet and I are taking over the Dreamspinner Press Twitter account!

7/26 – Shira Anthony – When Disaster Strikes: Natural Disasters in Fiction

7/29 – Dreamspinner Twitter Takeover with Charlie Cochet

7/30 – Live Your Life, Buy The Book – “I loved you before Nazareth.” Meet Bianca and Chaney

8/2 – Chat at the Dreamspinner Press Facebook Page

8/8 – Charlie Cochet – The Catharsis of Lovers Shirts

8/13 – Gay List Book Reviews – The Necessity of Brutality

8/16 – Tali Spencer – The Shape of Things to Come: Glass Moon

 And Let the Sun Rise…

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