[GUEST POST] A. Morell has a chat with Ryo–er–Mark Nanami

Interview with Ryo Maeda Mark Nanami

Hi everyone, this is A. Morell. Thank you for joining me today as we celebrate the release of Dreamspinner Press’s steamy Juicy Bits anthology, in which I had the pleasure and good fortune of participating. In honour of the release, I’ve invited one of my own boys here for an exclusive interview and a sneak peek. Please bear with me for a moment, as we’ve had a last-minute shift in schedule. Our guest should be here any moment–ah, here he is. Have a seat, Mark.

MN: rushing in Yeah, thanks. Sorry, I got your message late. You know how phones like to disappear.

AM: Quite understandable.

MN: Especially when you can’t find your pants.

AM: Right. Why don’t you introduce yourself, and tell us a little about why you’re here today.

MN: Sure. turning to the screen and smiling Hi there. I’m Mark Nanami, born and raised in London, and I’ve been dragged here today at the last minute because it turns out Ryo’s too foul-mouthed for an interview, and you said we can’t both be here because we’d never get anything done.

AM: Yes, well, nothing productive at least. Anyway, thank you for coming today. I understand your family is a busy one.

MN: Running a multi-generational gang will do that.

AM: Could you tell us a bit about that?

MN: I could, but then I’d have to kill you.

AM: Do they make you say that?

MN: grinning Yeah. We’re not allowed to say if it’s true or not either.

AM: Is there anything you can tell us that won’t cross the mandatory-death threshold?

MN: Are you trying to get my family thrown in prison?

AM: No… fine, let’s talk about the story. It’s called “Sparks”–do you think the title suits you two?

MN: I guess so. Sparks do tend to shoot out of our eyes when we have to look at each other.

AM: You don’t get along, do you?

MN: I’d say we get along. Just badly. As you can see from our blind date:

“Who wouldn’t want to waste an entire night babysitting a prepubescent minidemon?”

Ryo’s smile transformed into a scowl, which improved Mark’s mood (and score) a bit. “You know I’m older than your pathetic arse. If anyone’s babysitting, it’s me.”

Mark snorted. He was well aware of Ryo’s age—he would never forget the look on Ryo’s face when the petite man had found out he had five years on Mark’s twenty-one. “My mistake. It’s so easy to forget when you’re a foot shorter than me.”

“Whatever,” Ryo huffed. “Isn’t that the real reason your brother got stuck bringing you along? Had to keep an eye on Junior?”

“More like your pretty friend over there wouldn’t go out with my brother unless you came along. So really, this whole situation is your fault,” Mark said.


“Cock gobbler.”

“I do eat dick, just not yours.”

“So you are a cannibal.”

“Eat shit.”

AM: Fair enough. And thank you for reaffirming my decision not to have Ryo on. But obviously you two come to like each other well enough, if you take into consideration the anthology you’re featured in…

MN: Have you never heard of hate sex?

AM: Er, why don’t we move on. What can you tell us about yourself that we won’t find out in the book?

MN: The biggest thing–maybe literally–is that I have an identical twin brother named Matt. He’s the good twin.

AM: I’ll note that for future reference. So who’s older, you or Matt?

MN: He is, by two minutes.

AM: Do you ever switch places on people?

MN: When we were kids we did, yeah, just never on our family. Never worked on them anyway. We tried to do it to work some extra cookies out of our mum once, we got no dessert for three days. Even our younger sister, when she was three or four we tried to confuse her and she just punched us both. grinning We were demons to our teachers though.

AM: And he’s the “good” twin?

MN: Yeah, I guess it’s a low bar. Wouldn’t be caught dead as that guy now though. Did you know he wears ties practically every day?

AM: How do you think your family would react to Ryo?

MN: …I’m not sure I want to think about that.

AM: No?

MN: I think it just gave me heartburn.

AM: Well then, just to wrap up, what would you say people can expect from “Sparks?”

MN: No, seriously. You’re going to give me an ulcer.

AM: Sorry. You probably should think about these things from time to time though.

MN: gurgle

AM: So, what can people expect in this story?

MN: A lot of bad words and an endless trail of destruction.

AM: That sums it up nicely–

MN: And sex.

AM: I think that was a given, but thank you. And thanks for being here with us today. Mark Nanami, everyone.

Check out “Sparks” and other stories in Juicy Bits, available now also in paperback!
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