New Contract Means It’s Cupcake Day!

Remmi and Cupcakes!
Remmi and Cupcakes!

It’s Cupcake Day!

As I announced on Facebook on Thursday, my second novel, Americana Fairytale, got picked up by Dreamspinner Press. That meant it was Cupcake Day.

Well, what is Cupcake Day?

Cupcake Day is a tradition I had started with my friends many years ago when I was pursuing publication. The rules went for every rejection, I’d get a coffee. For every acceptance, I’d get cupcakes.

At first, I drank a lot of coffee.

But my friends knew when I shouted “It’s Cupcake Day!” there was no questioning what I meant.

Thankfully, in the last couple years, I’ve been eating a lot more cupcakes. This is good, because I’ve developed an insane intolerance for coffee.

Well, turns out cupcakes aren’t such a super rad reward either. And you say, “Heresy!

Behold, The Glory of Weight Watchers

I’ve been a Weight Watchers member since May of 2013, I have lost 45 pounds to date. Huzzah! I have radically changed every last eating habit I have to the point it’s automatic and I’m completely used to it. I do not miss any high fat, high sugar, processed foods I used to love and thought I couldn’t live without.

So, things like sweets or eating in restaurants is a very very rare treat. My Weight Watchers leader often talks about how sticking with the program and eating good nutrition that when you indulge in the foods you used to adore, it’ll often make you nauseous. It’s this principle alone from drinking only water (and actually liking it!) that I had broken my addiction to coffee and Crystal Light.

In addition, my sweet beloved cupcakes… Nature’s perfect creation… Now makes me violently ill. So, I suppose it’s awesome? I guess? I broke my addiction to cupcakes and sweets? Still, cupcakes! How can you not love cupcakes!

Remmi seems to love my cupcakes and ruin my photo-shoot of the tasty sweetness. Oh Remmi. I actually had an entirely different more appealing angle that hid the kitty dishes and the Dasani. But Remmi was determined to know what her MOMMY WAS DOING. Oh. Children.

But, Let’s Not Lose Sight! OMG! Book Contract!

Americana Fairytale is a revisionist take on the fairytales we all know and love. Not only is it fractured, I may have taken the tales out back and smashed them into a million shards with a hammer. Just when you think you have it all figured out that who’s who, it’s a lot more complicated than that. It tells the story of Taylor Hatfield, a young man who is a complete fuck-up of a human being and fairytale princess. It his journey to find his place in the world and his own happily ever after. On his way, he crosses paths with Corentin Devereaux, a huntsman out of New Orleans that has lost his faith in everything. Together, they embark on a quest of self-discovery and learn magic is all around them, if you just believe.

And, I’m not going to lie, it is one epic, epic geography lesson. cackles!

2 thoughts on “New Contract Means It’s Cupcake Day!

  1. skylar1776 says:

    Lex, Congratulations on the new book! Very excited for you, but more so on the outstanding job you’re doing on WW. You’re in inspiration to me to get my act together. One last item, a belated Happy Birthday to you. I’m sorry I missed it on Friday. Hope it was wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you at GRL.

    1. Lex says:

      Hey Skylar! Thanks for all the well wishes! 😀 I have a Weight Watchers Blog that sooooo needs an update but you know how it goes, all life ceases when there’s a book under deadline. D:

      I look forward to finally putting a name to the face! And hopefully there will be a LOT less of me then. 😀

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