Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014

Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love (Checkmate #3) by Lex Chase
Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love (Checkmate #3) by Lex Chase

It’s My (Day After) Book Birthday!

Happy New Year to you and yours on this lovely first second day of 2014. I want to start out by saying Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love is out! You can find it here at Dreamspinner Press, over yonder at Amazon, and for you B&N Nook fans you can get it here!

And to commemorate the final adventure for Rook and Garth, the Conventional Love Blog Tour is off and running! For a schedule of dates, check it out here. And even check out the first stop over at Gaylist Book Reviews here. There’s even a giveaway!

What A Crazy Year It’s Been!

To recap!

  • 4 book contracts – Pawn Takes Rook, Pawn Takes Rook: Cashing the Reality Check, Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love, and Chasing Sunrise: Book 1 of the Darkmore Saga
  • One complete series – Checkmate *sniff!*
  • Lots of fucking stuff in the pipeline. (Yes. I did say Chasing Sunrise was Book 1 of a series.)
  • Meeting readers and making new friends at GayRomLit 2013
  • Securing a guest spot at Pensacon in February
  • Graduating Freaking College!
  • Getting back on the wagon with Weight Watchers and dropping 30 pounds!
  • Finally being able to say writing is my real job.

Just. Holy crap.

Outside of my awesome writer life my family has had some major drama. Immediate family, relatives, you name it. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong. So if you told me my first year as a professional writer would actually be this productive, I wouldn’t say anything. Because I’d be dead. From throwing myself off a cliff from family drama.

But you know, writing is what kept me going. Through all of it, it was my place that was only mine and no one could take away. And in the end, it’s that perseverance that paid off.

Epic Self-Discoveries

This year, I discovered more about myself in just the act of taking better care of myself. Many writers always advise to take care of your bodies. Because while writing is a very creative endeavor, it’s also very unhealthy for the sheer sedentary factor. Sitting for long hours, eating the closest thing. Making your butt expand with every 100 words. I’ve always heard the advice ‘take care of yourself.’ and I’m like yeah yeah blah blah woof woof.

And then Chuck Wendig says on his blog Terrible Minds one day:

“Stop treating your body like a garbage dump.” – Chuck Wendig

And then it sunk in.

In May of 2013, I had a pre-diabetes scare. I talked about it on my fitness blog Bitter Little Pearl. Just a week before I rejoined Weight Watchers and I knew it was time to get fucking serious. The irony of the thing of people being all “Oh god! I can’t stand measuring! I can’t stand counting points! I can’t stand being reminded how addicted to food I am!” It’s actually very liberating. It really is a good reminder to know I am in control.

I’ve lost 30 pounds so far. Gained a little back because of the holidays, but it’ll come off again. My goal starting today is to lose 36 pounds by Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) which will mark my 1 year anniversary with walking in that door and going “I need help.” By then, I’ll have lost 60 pounds total. Honestly? I will have no idea what the frig I’ll look like minus 60 pounds.

I also discovered via Weight Watchers, a love of cooking. I love cooking. Like I just… you don’t know. I fucking love cooking.

Like I’ll be spending all day putting my brain through its paces trying to write some epic battle scene, and my brain will just give out. Because it doesn’t have any go juice in it. But there is something so incredibly soothing and refreshing out of washing, cutting up, and preparing fruits and veggies.  Some writers take a walk around the block to relax, I go to the grocery store and wander the produce aisles. And if I don’t want to talk to anyone, put my headphones on. BONUS.

Crazy! Epic! Writing Plans for 2014!

So, for 2014, and writing is now my full-time job, I’ve got some crazy shit on deck.

I’ve got the Darkmore Saga and the Americana Fairytale series. I’m working on both series in an alternate fashion in hopes they’ll have an alternating release schedule. Provided they get accepted of course.

With Chasing Sunrise: Book 1 of the Darkmore Saga leading the way for a summer release, right now I’m working on drafting Americana Fairytale–the first book in the series–to submit by March. After that, I’m off to draft Book 2 of the Darkmore Saga called Glass Moon, then following that is Book 2 of Americana Fairytale called Bayou Fairytale. And then after all of that is drafting the final book of the Darkmore Saga, Star Fall, and then the final book of Americana Fairytale called Urban Fairytale.

All of them, every last one will be novels. And I’m kind of flipping a bit. I’m finally doing novels and it’s a bit bananas.

But I will have some cleverly edited temporary blurbs for this site. Because the pitches I sent to Dreamspinner are full of OH GNOES SPOILURZ.

My Life… What?

Some would say, at 34, I should be thankful I’ve achieved my dream at such a young age. Honestly, while people say it isn’t a race, my personal clock is ticking. I’ve always grown up a bit behind the ball in everything. Now it’s time to play catch up. Now it’s time to be stop being afraid of the what-ifs and just do.

Just go. Go forth and be dangerous.





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