Conventional Love Up For Pre-Order!

Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love (Checkmate #3) by Lex Chase
CoPawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love (Checkmate #3) by Lex Chase

That’s right, True Believers! Ring in the New Year 2014 with Checkmate #3, Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love up for pre-order over at Dreamspinner Press!

For four dollars and ninety-nine pennies click the magical link right here to get dibs your choice of format.

Prefer Amazon or Barnes & Noble? No worries! Conventional Love will totally be available on the stoke of midnight on January 1st!

Let me go on record that this is the final official adventure for Rook and Garth. After this, we bid adieu to Axis City and its candy colored superheroic citizens. Where when everyone was special, being average took a whole new meaning.

Conventional Love stretches Rook and Garth’s relationship to the limit and something’s gotta give. Garth is tested to stand or fall on his own merit as a hero.

Not only that! I’m having a Conventional Love Blog Tour at the start of the new year kicking it off with the crew of Gay List Book Reviews!

It’s a full twenty days of partying and pure madness. Join me on this retrospective tour where I talk about Checkmate as a whole, what started it all, the stuff that got cut, the silly inspirations, the fact that Checkmate almost never got published in the first place! What!

Keep your eyes peeled for these stops in 2014!

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