[GUEST POST] Jessica Skye Davies Takes Readers ‘Half the World Away’

Half the World Away by Jessica Skye Davies
Half the World Away by Jessica Skye Davies

First of all, I want to thank Lex for hosting me here today – which just so happens to be release day for Half the World Away!  To celebrate release day, I’m giving everybody a present – the Half the World Away soundtrack.  You can pull these up and enjoy while you read (or, you know, when you have to take a break from reading for things like… food?)

Some writers talk about the music they listen to while writing or music that inspires their stories.  I generally avoid background noise while I’m working and it’s rare that I’ve had a song or particular piece of music spark a story in me.  I do often get songs popping up in a story, however.  Incidental music, as it were.  And sometimes songs come up during editing.  I’m of the opinion that all books, like the oft-mentioned “mind-movies,” have their soundtracks.


Half the World Away – Oasis

Titles can be so tricky to come up with.  This one was pretty easy for me, it’s about a couple of guys from either end of the world.  Titles often come from common phrases, such as “half the world away.”  There also happens to be a fitting song by Oasis with the same title – used as the theme for The Royle Family series.


Land Down Under – Men at Work

Well, this is just obvious!  I mean, it’s Men at Work.  And a “pop-up” video version too, just for some mildly interesting, useless trivia.

London Calling – The Clash

Again, obvious.  This is more Dade’s scene.  He loves his city and the grittier side of one of the world’s most expensive places.  Ah… feel the ‘80s!

If I Had Words – Babe

The first time Dade and Elliot spend a night together, this is the song Elliot has in mind watching Dade sleep, from his favorite movie.  Always loved the Saint-Saenz melody, myself.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – IZ

Tissues out yet?  This is the one Dade hears on TV while looking at his shots from whale and dolphin watching.

I’m going to leave it there and let you get on to reading!

Blurb:  Photographer Dade Faber keeps hoping for assignments on a big city beat, but time and again he’s sent into the wild. This time, he’s half the world away from London shooting the Australian bush. When Dade is nearly attacked by a crocodile, it leads to a shouting match with Elliot Harris, who owns Dade’s hotel. Elliot is both hot and persuasive, and when he offers to play tour guide, Dade accepts. After a week spent mostly together in the bush, Dade begins to fall for Elliott. The attraction is mutual, and when circumstances lead both men to London, they find they have much in common. But can their romance bridge the 10,000 miles between London and the Australian bush?


Bio:  Jessica Skye Davies has been a writer since her first works were “published” in her grandparents’ living room and written in crayon. She is a lifelong native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she has been active in the community, including serving as library director on the executive board of a local GLBT community center. Outside of writing, Jessica has a wide range of interests and hobbies: from Mozart in a music hall to punk in pubs, from Shakespeare to Vonnegut, from salsa dancing the night away to afternoon coffee in the square to kicking back with a good movie. She loves meeting new people and exploring new places, always open to whatever elements might inspire her next writing project.



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