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To Protect the Heir by H. Lewis Foster
To Protect the Heir by H. Lewis Foster

Please welcome H. Lewis-Foster here today talking about her release To Protect The Heir!

Thanks very much for having me on your blog, Lex—it’s a pleasure to be here!

Well, it’s been a busy few months, as I’ve not only moved from one side of the country to the other—I know England’s not that big, but it was far enough!—there’s also been quite a flurry of writing activity. I haven’t had time to do much actual writing, but I have several short stories and my debut novel coming out soon. So I’ve been checking edits, writing blurbs and—the fun bit—getting the cover art sorted.

I enjoy all the polishing and packaging of a story, seeing what it’s going to look like when a reader turns the first (real or virtual) page. But after all that work, I’m now at the stage when my stories are being published, and I’m really excited about the release of To Protect the Heir. It’s set in 16th century Scotland and is something of a departure from my previous stories, which are mostly set in the present day. It’s also much more of an adventure, with lots of sword-fighting, creepy forests and even the odd wild animal.

There’s still plenty of romance along with the action, and I just love the main character, Mackie. He’s intelligent, funny and strong, and most important of all, he’s incredibly brave. He’s not a natural soldier and doesn’t go looking for trouble, but when his clansmen are in peril, he puts his life on the line. He’s as scared as anyone when faced with danger, but whether he’s with a fellow conscript or the chieftain’s son, he gives his all to protect them. He still has time to have fun with the other soldiers, of course, whether he’s teasing his fellow conscript Logan, or having fabulous outdoor sex with muscle-bound cavalryman Stirling!

In total contrast to Mackie’s earthy energy, the chieftain’s son Alexander starts the story as a slightly shy young man. He’s been brought up with his mother and sisters in the relative luxury of the castle, and while he’s pleasant and respectful to the soldiers, he keeps a certain distance.  He couldn’t be physically more different from Mackie either, with his slender limbs and elegant features, but he’s quickly forced to toughen up and find his own reserves of courage. His character blossoms as the story unfolds and I think readers will soon fall for Alexander just as much as the adorable Mackie.

So if you’re looking for action, adventure and romance—and gorgeous men in kilts—you might like to drop by and find out what Mackie and Alexander get up to on those cold Scottish nights.

Author Bio:

H. Lewis-Foster has worked with books, in one form or another, since leaving university. As a keen reader of gay fiction, she decided to try writing herself, and is now the proud author of several short stories and an upcoming debut novel.

H. has lived in various parts of the UK and has recently moved to the north of England, where she’s enjoying city life, especially the theatres and cinemas. She tries not to watch too much television, but is a big fan of Downton Abbey, and while she’s writing, she loves listening to Test Match Special (where they spend far more time talking about cakes than cricket!)

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To Protect The Heir by H. Lewis-Foster

In 16th Century Scotland, the clans are in a state of relative peace, but the younger sons of the Strathyre clan are still expected to serve two years of military service. Mackie isn’t a keen soldier, but his duties have been made more bearable by highly pleasurable encounters with his fellow conscripts. With their green kilts hoisted round their hips, the men find ways of staying warm in the inhospitable Scottish climate.

Mackie’s least favourite task is lookout duty in the woods outside the chieftain’s castle, where he’s forced into action when he spies an intruder among the trees. As a result of the incident, he’s assigned to accompany the chieftain’s eldest son Alexander to his uncle’s castle in Braelen. The trip should be short and uneventful, but when disaster strikes, Mackie’s strength and bravery are put to the test. He soon finds himself in an even more risky situation, as it becomes clear that Alexander wants more from Mackie than simply his protection.

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