Pawn Takes Rook Checkmate #3 Gets The Greenlight!

Even Alexander Skarsgard is excited!
Even Alexander Skarsgard is excited!

Hello Internet! I have very exciting news! I have gotten a contract for the final book in the Pawn Takes Rook saga, Checkmate #3 Pawn Takes Rook: Conventional Love! Just three days before the release of Checkmate #2 Pawn Takes Rook: Cashing the Reality Check!

I also want to mention I’m over on Cate Ashwood’s Blog starting of the Cashing the Reality Check Blog Tour. I’m sharing my fanmixed score of the sounds of Axis City. There’s even a giveaway!

At long last I have a Funny Contract Story.

My story goes, the night before, I had a bit of a rough time at a dinner event with people I didn’t know. A lot of their comments and actions got under my skin and I felt very bad about myself. I didn’t get to bed that night until 4AM because I was waiting to calm down and failing. I was texting a friend of mine that’s an EMT and she has the night shift anyway. So she talked me down, and I settled in.

And then I woke up at 9:30 on my own. Life is just eff’n cruel.

Met my writer buddy and fellow shit-stirrer, Whitley Weston, at Books-A-Million for gossip and pretend to write time. Her m/f BDSM erotica series has just been released called Tall, Blonde and Brutal, which you can get at Secret Cravings here.

Still feeling a bit down on myself, we parted ways. My Dad is volunteering as stage crew to the local production of Wizard of Oz, and he scored me some free tickets. We had to go around 5pm so he could do some prep work, and he asks me if I have anything to keep me busy because the show isn’t until 7:30. I had a set of headphones, some Very Loud Music, and lots of caffeine to keep me upright. Because at that point I was quite wobbly.

Get to the theater. Discover I have left my iPod in my car. Where is my car? In the driveway at home. I realize my phone is a Droid. I can access Google Music on my phone. Decide I am saved. Only because of the crap reception in the theater, there’s a ten minute load time between the songs. I keep myself busy with making notes for a new story in my Moleskine.

Because of the lag between songs loading, I am totally nodding off. Head drooping, eyes losing focus, the whole bit. I’m not even writing words anymore and just scribbles. I am three seconds from putting my head on the table. Then my email chirp (which sounds a lot like Woody Woodpecker if you ask me) goes off and I see the sender in the thin alert bar is my editor-in-chief but not the message. And it’s only one message. DSP’s messages if it’s an acceptance comes in twos.

I proceed to be completely crushed as I open the message. Remember how I said the theater gets crap reception? Because by the time I get the first message open, the contract email shows up. And I flip out.

I called Dad, who had his phone on silent because of being backstage, leave a super happy message, and he’s out in the atrium in less than ten seconds. We both have our OMGZ moments and he’s off again. Mom was on her flight back from Maine, and her plane was touching down, I left her a message. Call my sister-in-law, get her voicemail too. I’m like AUGH. Want to tell everybody and everybody is NOT HELPINGZ. Email Cate Ashwood on my phone. Finally! Someone I can lose my crap with!

I get that surge of adrenaline that leaves me bouncing off the walls because I couldn’t sign the contract until I got home. Watched the play, enjoyed the play. Dad and I went to dinner afterwards where I ordered a deliciously horrible desert for celebration which you can see below.

It's a pancake puff sundae. I did not stutter.
It’s a pancake puff sundae. I did not stutter.

Got home around 11:30pm. Signed the contract as the adrenaline had completely worn off as I was about to faceplant. Went to bed.

Woke up at 9am. OH LIFE.

And proceeded to think I had dreamed the whole thing.

I don’t even…

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