My First Piece Of Checkmate Fanart!

Hogarth lovingly made by Mae Wynn Talley
Hogarth lovingly made by Mae Wynn Talley

I am extremely honored and touched that a local Checkmate fan, Mae Wynn Talley, made with her own two hands a Hogarth doll.

I cannot describe how much I love it to bits. I’ve never met Mae personally, but her mother works at my doctor’s office so I’m always passing along treats and trinkets for Mae. You know, just something to brighten her day. Mae attended my first Facebook Chat for the Pawn Takes Rook Release Party for Dreamspinner Press and was very sweet.

Her mother and I giggled over the detail over the doll’s blue scarf, because it’s blue on the cover and red in the book. That was actually a boneheaded flub on my part when doing the cover spec sheet because I wanted the color scheme to be similar to Batman’s palette. But the trick was Hogarth’s scarf was red with a black houndstooth pattern on purpose for subliminal plotty mcplotterson reasons. And poor Mae apparently agonized over to make the scarf red or blue. It’s the fact that she paid attention to such a detail was really sweet. And that he’s actually wearing skinny jeans cracks my ass up.

Hogarth is in a place of honor on my desk, with my red rook and black pawn paperweights.

I just want to say: Thanks Mae, for being my fan, and going through such an effort to make something so special that likely no reader would think of. I hope you keep going and make more dolls, and keep growing as a creative individual.

You’re Super!


7 thoughts on “My First Piece Of Checkmate Fanart!

    1. Lex says:

      Thanks Tali. 😀 It feels like when you touch someone that deeply it makes it all worth it in the end, you know? 😀

    1. Lex says:

      Thanks Tempe. 😀 I do love that she carefully paid attention and had to make her own decisions. I think it’s stupendous. 😀

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