Action. Adventure. True Love.

Adventure Cards by Lex ChaseAction. Adventure. True Love. What do these things mean exactly? I’ve adopted this as my tag line from the start as a writer without much thought of it. It was a five second decision of “I need something to go here. I’ll change it later.” While it’s had a bit of a change in punctuation, that five second decision has never been more appropriate to describe who I am as a storyteller.

It’s About The Journey

Many years ago, I had adopted the domain in fact redirects right to it. I believed at the time I had a nomadic soul, and this was my story, this was my chronicle of my journey, my quest, my adventure for what would eventually fulfill me.

I realize, in hindsight, the journey was two-fold. For me to eventually find the unobtainable thing I was looking for yet didn’t know what it looked like. And for my characters to find their purpose, their place in the world, or even their happily ever after in whatever form it took.

Have I found my happily ever after? I’m not so sure yet. But I definitely have a happily for now.

My characters on the other hand, are never satisfied. They have questions. They have wanderlust. They learn secrets about the world around them they were not meant to see. And then they go looking. They leave behind all they know, and they head out on that Hero’s Journey.

It’s About The Threat Of The Unknown

The world around us is a challenge. The unknown is either met with fear, or combativeness. I have my own challenges I face daily, and they are met with a mix of uncertainty, anxiety, or in the rare case, confidence. I don’t meant to say I live my life in fear, I mean to say we must, must, have some tiny iota of doubt in our lives that we will eventually fail. This is because I think if we knew we would never fail, would we ever try? However small my uncertainty is, or miniscule my anxiety, or abundant my confidence, there is some part of me that is challenged by the unknown. The unknown of “Will this all work out?” or the unknown of  “This is going to catastrophically fail.”

For my characters, they rise to the challenge of the unknown with hearty doses of combativeness, and even wonder. Jack of Chasing Sunrise when catching a first glance of his captor and torturer Sevon, he is intrigued by something as simple as her blonde hair. Hogarth of Pawn Takes Rook when presented with the chance to save the day, hesitates and considers if he’s ready to be a hero.

These characters know failure is dogging them at every chance. They do not know to what ends they could fail. A slap on the wrist? Okay. Their certain demise? Oh, they clue in eventually. But they never stop trying. They never give up. Because failure isn’t an option.

It’s About The Bond Of Love

There’s a bit in the Keanu Reeve’s film “Speed” that when Sandra Bullock falls for Keanu, one of them mentions relationships formed in high stress scenarios never last. I’m just going to go ahead and ignore that. While there is some truth to it, I can absolutely agree some of the characters I write when they form their relationships, they hardly know each other. That’s actually one of the basics that keeps the Pawn Takes Rook series going is Hogarth finds out something about Rook and spazzes out over it for 90 pages. Because it’s funny.

The only reason I ditch the hyper-realism about the relationships not lasting is actually just because my genre demands happily ever afters. If it didn’t, and I could do whatever I want? I’d be killing off characters and ending relationships left and right. Do I like it that my characters make the long haul? I do actually. And I like that people like seeing my characters make it the long haul. Do I think some of my characters should realistically stay together? Some yes and some no. I’m not saying who is who.

But one could argue, and I’m going to buy it, these characters have just gone through this amazing journey together, they have faced the unknown, they have come out stronger, better people on the other side. They have walked through Hell with an ally and in the end found the one they can’t live without.

And that’s why…

Action. Adventure. True Love.


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