Stay Sharp, Hero! It’s Pawn Takes Rook Release Day!

Pawn Takes Rook #1 by Lex Chase from Dreamspinner Press
Pawn Takes Rook #1 by Lex Chase from Dreamspinner Press

As of midnight EST, Pawn Takes Rook is out! You can find it here at the Dreamspinner Press site, here at Amazon, and here at Barnes & Noble!

Pawn Takes Rook Release Party Facebook Chat

Today is a huge day for me. This evening at 6:30 PM EST I’m being put in charge of the Dreamspinner Facebook Page and hosting the first ever Release Party. Dreamspinner’s never done one before, and they always had the chat on Saturdays. So I’m praying I don’t screw it all up. I’ve got my topics typed up and my excerpts ready to go. So drop on by! There will be goodies, giveaways, excerpts, lots of laughs, and a ton of Pop-Culture Hunt Clues! And maybe an Ikea reference or two. Because Ikea, people.

If you still need to know the rules of the Pop-Culture Hunt you can find it here!

Reviews for Pawn Takes Rook

Now that we’re 12 hours into the release of Pawn Takes Rook, the reviews have started popping up.

The biggie is Mrs. Condit Reads gave Pawn Takes Rook their highest rating of 5 Sweet Peas! You can read it here and don’t forget to comment to enter the giveaway!

And then over on Live your Life, Buy the Book gave Pawn Takes Rook 4 stars! You can read about that one over here. The amusing part is the reviewer gave Pawn Takes Rook one chili pepper in the heat rating and wanted more steaminess. I laughed because it’s not a particularly steamy book.

Finally, the surprise review came from Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews over on Goodreads where she gave Pawn Takes Rook 4 stars! And you can take a gander at that here. I found this review particularly interesting because she expressed a fondness for Captain Chivalry. Maybe there’s hope for him yet!

Pawn Takes Rook Featured This Week

Then this happened on the Dreamspinner Press website.

Pawn Takes Rook Featured This Week

Like, oh em gee, right?

Pawn Takes Rook Blog Tour Dates and Stops

Where can you find more info about Pawn Takes Rook? On the Pawn Takes Rook Blog Tour! At the various stops you will be able to find Pop-Culture Hunt clues, but only the stops before March 30th!

Where have I been? Where am I going? Here’s the list!

The Ultimate Pawn Takes Rook Review

The ultimate Pawn Takes Rook review comes from the one source that matters most: My Mom.

She loved it. 😀

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