The Pawn Takes Rook Blog Tour Continues!

GayRomLit 2013Where does the time go! Pawn Takes Rook comes out Wednesday! Oh my god! Freaking out!

Today, I’m at JP Barnaby’s blog answering the burning question of ‘Why Superheroes?’ Why don’t you stop by and say hello! There might be a Pop-Culture Hunt Clue in it for you. ;D

Yesterday, I was over on Cate Ashwood’s Blog taking my spin on her Casting Couch. What do I have to say? Horribly nerdy things. But why don’t you check it out! A clue might be waiting for you….

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be attending Gay Rom Lit 2013 in Atlanta as a Supporting Author! It’s this October 17-20th and I’m psyched. If you can swing it, why don’t you clear off your calendars to check it out? Both signings are open to the public!

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