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Southern Snow in ATL!
Southern Snow in ATL!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas even if here in Pensacola it’s been upper 70s on average. In December. And climate change isn’t a thing. And denial is a river in Egypt. But anyway.

Adventures in Publishing

Update on my adventures in the world of soon to be a published author. So far I have learned Pawn Takes Rook is on the deck for editing. I predict I’m going to get my edits probably in January. I had a dream I got my editing letter this morning saying “There really isn’t anything that needs to be done! It’s good to go!” Obviously, my psyche is setting me up for the largest of falls. I always say if an edited file doesn’t look like an editor opened a vein and bled all over it, no one learns anything.

Last week, I got my spec sheets for both the cover and blurb. Like you’d expect, I was doing my idiot Snoopy dance around the house. Considering I’ve spent an inhuman amount of time trying to picture my what DSP calls “Your Dream Cover,” I had no trouble filling out the questionnaire. The only hilarious part was wondering if I was that author that enclosed too many references. But all seems well, and now I just sit back and wait.

The spec sheet about the blurb fascinated me. It was balls hard, but fascinating. Turns out you don’t write your own blurb. Crazy, huh? There’s a lot of things I assumed as an unpublished author that I’m learning isn’t quite how it works as a soon-to-be published one. Things that you assume works one way, work entirely differently, but it’s fun learning along the way.

Pawn Takes Rook #2

The problem with being a writer is you never get an real vacation from being a writer. The only “vacation” as it were I got from writing was the Fall college semester, and even then all I could do was be cranky over how much I wanted to write. Now I’m on holiday break until January 7th, it’s all hands on deck to get Pawn Takes Rook #2 drafted.

In a fit of insanity, I’ve set the finishing goal for this coming Wednesday, take three days off to plan Pawn Takes Rook #3 and then write that in a week finishing on New Years Eve. I’m doubting my sanity, but with the limited time I have for holiday break you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’ve set myself the goal of writing 3k a day to get there. I’m 13.5k in and far I’ve written upwards of 4k two days in a row. Sure my sleep schedule is all out of whack and I’m starting to feel the creeping exhaustion, but I just might get there. Amazing what pushing yourself can do.

Coming To An eReader Near You: The Labor and Red Tide

I have a handful of short stories that are just a little too out there to get into the market. Such as the Post-Apocalyptic story The Labor, which is based on a series of shorts I did for fun in a universe called Red Tide. The Labor and Red Tide are just weird, they mingle genres like Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Survival Horror, and Romantic Drama in all one gooey gob. In any event, I’m likely going to format them for Kindle and Nook and let them be free reads. Perhaps it might make me continue the story, which honestly I was making up as I went.

When Pawn Takes Rook gets closer to a release date, I’ll definitely have them available by then.

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