Dragon*Con: A Weekend Of Madness

Black Widow considers the treats at the DQ!
Black Widow considers the treats at the DQ!

Finally, I’m getting around to the long awaited Dragon*Con wrap up post. I should forewarn, this was my very first Dragon*Con so I’m likely to make quite a few newbie observations.

First and foremost was I knew it was big, I just didn’t realize how freaking big. There are people everywhere! People packed like sardines in the oppressive heat. People walking along and stopping in their tracks, thus clogging up the flow of traffic. People getting drunk. People falling down. People in awesome costumes. People in barely there poor excuses for costumes.

I believe every blog I’ve seen mentioned ‘Bumper Sticker Girl’ who was a topless young lady with a bumper sticker taped to her breasts. I get that anything goes at Dragon*Con, but there’s such a thing as laws of decency. I’m pretty sure Atlanta has them, or I’d like to think.

Besides the inescapable heat, the crowds, and overwhelming levels of well…, everything, it took me about a day to get in the swing of things. Once I did, I was good to go. I reunited with old friends, made some new ones, passed out business cards, and took at least 8k of handwritten notes.

While no one I knew had ever done it, I signed up for a few of the paid writer’s workshops. At the time, I felt the first workshop did nothing for me and was slightly bummed out by it. In transcribing my notes, I apparently learned quite a bit I didn’t realize! I seem to have mastered the ancient collegiate art form of listening and furiously taking notes at the same time. I was tickled that it was mostly true for all the other panels I attended.

Miraculously, I escaped Dragon*Con without any type of ConCrud or ConSars. Other than the usual allergies brought on by the approaching fall season, I am flu/cold/sudden-case-of-death free and have remained as such.

Sadly, I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. I’ll try to next year.

My only bit of Dragon*Con warning to the world: The Atlanta Braves play everyday on Labor Day weekend, and there’s a couple of college football games. Transportation will be iffy. You will also have crap for cellphone service due to overloaded towers. Just a heads up.

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