Author Highlight at A.O. Chika Books!

Hello, Internet! Join me today as A.O. Chika was kind enough to host me at her blog! I’m dishing about my short story Bye-Bye Birdie featured in the Dreamspinner Press June Daily Dose Anthology A Walk on the Wild Side! As we all know, I’m no stranger to writing shifters. But what happens when I get the chance to poke fun at myself with my own shifter mythology? Check it out!


Featured Tea of the Day on Adagio Teas!

Hey Internet! Like tea? Like Fairy Tales of the Open Road? Adagio Teas has the Fairy Tales of the Open Road fandom tea at 20% off today! Created by the lovely DC, she lovingly evokes the charm and comfort of the Screw-Up Princess and Skillful Huntsman through her wonderful flavor combinations. A portion of all sales will go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center! Pick up your tasty tea time here!


Chasing Sunrise Blog Tour Kicks Off!

Hello, Internet! It’s here! Chasing Sunrise Release Day! Celebrate! I feel like I’ve been waiting on this book forever. Oh man. The wait on the DSP Publications Coming Soon page is like eternity. Today, I have a triple play! I’m over at The Novel Approach for a new edition of Genre Talk! Carole Cummings has me in the hot seat, and she poses some great questions. I’m over at the DSP Publications blog too with “Why Cannibals?” Why would I write about cannibals who are the good guys? Read on and see! And then I’m hanging out at Divine Magazine … Continue Reading →


On The Drawing Board: Taylor Loves Peeps!

Hello, Internet! As you may or may not know, I got involved in a deep controversy yesterday over marshmallow Peeps. You know, those tasty, delicious, amazing marshmallow shaped chicks dusted in colored sugar. Some people love them, like me. Some people hate them. And those people are wrong. Wrong. Wrong.Wrong. To settle the score…Dude Princess Taylor Hatflield of Americana Fairy Tale demonstrates the proper way to eat a Peep. Because Taylor is quite the proper gentlemanly princess! #HatersToTheLeft! Happy Easter! Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:


At The Movies with Lex Chase: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Aaaah. 10 Cloverfield Lane. I was pumped. As often as I invoke the name of Saint. J.J. Abrams, my expectations were in the stratosphere. Seriously. My own author bio that appears in every one of my books states I unapologetically loved the ending of Lost. Even five years after the show ended, I still talk about it. But back to Cloverfield. Or should I say 10 Cloverfield Lane. We all know the original Cloverfield was J.J.’s over-hyped love letter to giant monster movies. A found footage monstrosity, and while the intention was pure, the execution was a mess. As you can see, … Continue Reading →


At The Movies with Lex Chase: Zootopia

Hello, Internet! As my weekly Facebook check-ins indicate, I watch a lot of movies. So much I have to budget for IMAX 3D tickets. And today, I’m talking about Disney’s Zootopia AKA Breaking Baaa-aaaa-aaad. The premise of Zootopia is we meet Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a sweet bunny who’s a little left of center. She’s determined to protect and serve the “mean” candy-colored streets as a part of the Zootopia PD. She’s resourceful, full of ideals, and has an iron-clad sense of right and wrong. She’s sent into a cotton-tail spin when she meets sly, hustling, fox Nick Wilde … Continue Reading →


Two New Fairy Tales of the Open Road Teas!

Hello, Internet! I am soooo hyyyype! The amazingly talented D.C. has completed the Fairy Tales of the Open Road fandom tea set with the final two teas at Adagio Teas! You can now get Ringo, Taylor’s trusted Fairy Godfather, voice of irresponsibility, and worst enabler ever. And Honeysuckle, Atticus’s beloved Fairy Godmother, voice of guidance, and stubborn battle axe with the most creative cussing. D.C. has once again outdone herself with the labels! Look at these! For more information, see the Fairy Tales of the Open Road fandom tea page here!


Dream Date at the Dreamspinner Press Blog!

Hello, Internet! If you haven’t dropped by the Dreamspinner Press Blog you’re in for a treat with another Some Assembly Required excerpt. As a part of the Dream Dates theme, Patrick and Benji have one of their own! Did someone say “Netflix and chill?” Ooh lala~ Tune in next month at the Dreamspinner Press Blog as I wrap up with my final #Dreamer post. Did you miss one? Watch this space as I’ll be compiling them all together soon! Hopefully the powers that be have me back playing in their sandbox for the next year. Cross your fingers!


Assembling Friendship at Joyfully Jay!

 Hello, Internet! It’s time for the Some Assembly Required blog tour wrap-up! Yesterday, the tour concluded at Joyfully Jay, where I reveal my quirky relationship with Bru Baker via 100% real text messages. We’re terrible influences on each other and obviously we need adults. Previously on Valentine’s Day I was over at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews giving a happy reading of one of my favorite scenes from Some Assembly Required. If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a watch! I have a good time getting super into it. Blame it on my art school background! Don’t forget! The … Continue Reading →


Scale Tales: Don’t Forget to Track!

Hello, Internet! How we doin’? How we doin’? It’s another week of Scale Tales! Woot! Let’s get the bad news out of the way. I seem to be flipping trapped in a damned holding pattern about dropping weight. AUGH. The fantastic news I guess is I’m down 0.2 tenths of a pound? Yay? At least it’s something! When I started this adventure I was at 246, now I’m 239.4! Well. It’s moving. Very, very, very slowly.  It’s not a race, y’know? Though anyone that knows me I move faster than the speed of sound. The good news and today’s topic, the … Continue Reading →

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