[GUEST POST] Come with Charlie Cochet to the THIRDS HQ

Hello everyone! A big thank you to the awesome Lex Chase for having me. In just two weeks, Hell & High Water, the first book in my new law-enforcement shifter series called the THIRDS, is out! As some of you may already know, this series is different from anything I’ve created so far, and it’s the closest to contemporary I’ve written, but with shifters. I’m having so much fun writing these guys. I hope you’ll love Dex and the gang as much as I do. Now, like I said. This series is different from what I’ve written. You’ll still find … Continue Reading →

[GUEST POST] L.J. LaBarthe Defines Humanity In The Divine

Thanks for having me, Lex, especially on such short notice! I thought I’d talk a little about how I envisaged the characters of the Archangel books. I write about nearly omniscient characters in these books, who are the elite force of God. If we are to believe the scripture that God created mankind in his own image, then God didn’t exclude any human being at all. It made sense to me that would be reflected in the physical form that the angels would take. Each angel is an individual and each angel enjoys certain things. For instance, Gabriel likes to … Continue Reading →

[GUEST POST] According To Tray Ellis, Pink Is Perfection

Pink is Perfect Okay, so I have to admit, when I first wrote the color scheme into How Sweetly the Whippoorwill Sings, I was doing it with a tarnished love of the color pink. It’s a gorgeous color: vibrant, uplifting, warm, flirty, playful. It is stunning when paired with many other colors. A black gown with some pink crinoline beneath just screams 80′s dance party, and a white tennis sneaker with pink trim looks so adorable. Men look delectable in those crisp pale pink long-sleeved business shirts. No, my problem with pink is what it represents, which is going too … Continue Reading →

Charlie Cochet’s Hell & High Water Cover Reveal!

Hell and High Water  (Thirds Series, Bk #1) By Charlie Cochet   Blurb:  When homicide detective Dexter J. Daley’s testimony helps send his partner away for murder, the consequences—and the media frenzy—aren’t far behind. He soon finds himself sans boyfriend, sans friends, and, after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial, he’s lucky he doesn’t find himself sans teeth. Dex fears he’ll get transferred from the Human Police Force’s Sixth Precinct, or worse, get dismissed. Instead, his adoptive father—a sergeant at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron otherwise known as the THIRDS—pulls a few strings, and Dex … Continue Reading →

[GUEST POST] Jamie Lynn Miller heats things up with ‘Burnin’ for You’

Thanks so much, Lex, for having me here today. I’m Jamie Lynn Miller and I’d like to talk about my novel Burnin’ for You and my inspiration for writing it. My tagline says it all: “Men in uniform…and out”. Give me a cop, a fireman or a paramedic and I’ll write a story about them. I’m wildly passionate about this book because I was lucky enough to spend 14 days with my local fire department doing research, one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I was fitted for my own turnout gear and went on ride-a-longs, where I … Continue Reading →

HAHAT 2014

When She Hit Me, And I Couldn’t Tell Anyone

Welcome everyone this year’s Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia. On May 17, we commemorate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. This is a day, that someday, and I hope in my lifetime, we should never have to address every year. There will come a day where we will celebrate our differences and our loves. I keep hoping. My story this year is about something that I’m just now getting around to addressing. Or I should say, I’ve always talked about it, just not publicly like I have been in bits and pieces. Last year, I discussed my first girlfriend, and … Continue Reading →

Sunlit Abbey

[Guest Post] Sarah Madison asks does the dog die?

Please help me in welcoming a woman I have found incredibly fascinating, Sarah Madison! Today, she is talking to a topic near and dear to my heart, fuzzy four-legged babies and their perils in fiction! I’m not what you’d call a tough gal. Oh sure, I’ve wrestled a python to administer a dewormer, and carried a copperhead across a river in a trash can to deposit it on the far bank where it wouldn’t threaten our campsite. I’ve faced down angry Rottweilers that have broken out of their pens and are threatening the staff. I’ve deflected the belligerent client, pulled … Continue Reading →

[GUEST POST] A. Morell has a chat with Ryo–er–Mark Nanami

Interview with Ryo Maeda Mark Nanami Hi everyone, this is A. Morell. Thank you for joining me today as we celebrate the release of Dreamspinner Press’s steamy Juicy Bits anthology, in which I had the pleasure and good fortune of participating. In honour of the release, I’ve invited one of my own boys here for an exclusive interview and a sneak peek. Please bear with me for a moment, as we’ve had a last-minute shift in schedule. Our guest should be here any moment–ah, here he is. Have a seat, Mark. MN: rushing in Yeah, thanks. Sorry, I got your … Continue Reading →


New Contract Means It’s Cupcake Day!

It’s Cupcake Day! As I announced on Facebook on Thursday, my second novel, Americana Fairytale, got picked up by Dreamspinner Press. That meant it was Cupcake Day. Well, what is Cupcake Day? Cupcake Day is a tradition I had started with my friends many years ago when I was pursuing publication. The rules went for every rejection, I’d get a coffee. For every acceptance, I’d get cupcakes. At first, I drank a lot of coffee. But my friends knew when I shouted “It’s Cupcake Day!” there was no questioning what I meant. Thankfully, in the last couple years, I’ve been … Continue Reading →


Pawn Takes Rook: One Year Later

It’s been one year since Memphis Rook burst onto the scene and saved Hogarth Dawson from a mugging. That itty bitty novella, called Pawn Takes Rook, introduced readers to the world of Axis City, its superheroic inhabitants, and a crapton of pop-culture references. To say it changed my life would actually be a lie. To say it saved my life would be closer to the truth. I had tried to break in as a writer for years. By the law of averages, my time of knocking on doors was by far shorter than many international bestsellers. I had submitted to Dreamspinner … Continue Reading →